What if you could have all of the dental needs that you have been putting off for years met in only one or two comfortable visits? What if you could finally receive all of the dental treatments you want while sleeping - free from fear and pain? 

At Dr. Marie A. Holliday, DMD, we specialize in sedation dentistry and sleep dentistry and offer treatment for patients with dental phobias and anxieties. We offer different types of sedation dentistry, for different needs. Options include oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and intravenous sedation.

With sedation dentistry, both the dentist and the patients can be comfortable providing and receiving the best possible dental care, safe and free from stress and pain.

What Is Sedation Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry? 

Sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry is designed to help anxious or fearful patients and patients with a low threshold for pain or high sensitivity get the dental care they need without stress. The sedation level depends on the patient’s need and the sedation option used. It can vary from a light state of sedation to putting the patient to sleep throughout their dental appointment. Sedation dentistry is safe when administered by qualified professionals. 

If you choose sedation, we recommend having someone drive you to and from your appointment. Once you arrive, we will explain the procedure in detail and then allow you to rest comfortably in a warm, quiet room under a cozy blanket. During the entire time you are here, we will closely monitor you to ensure your safety. 

With sedation dentistry, complex dental treatments that often require six or more appointments can be done in as little as one. All while you sleep! 

Sedation Dentistry Options 

Oral Conscious Sedation 

If the idea of going to the dentist for a procedure brings on feelings of fear or anxiety, you will be happy to learn that there are various options to make you feel at ease. Oral conscious sedation, for example, is as easy as taking an aspirin. This type of conscious sedation does not "knock you out" like some other forms of anesthesia. You will remain awake during your procedure, but you will be in a heightened state of relaxation. It is also possible that you will not remember part or all of your procedure. 

Oral conscious sedation is extremely safe and easy. It is much less expensive than other forms of sedation, and you will be able to talk and breathe on your own during the procedure. It also makes long or complex procedures seem shorter, allowing you to have all of your work done in a single visit.

As an added precaution, a local anesthetic will be used in the area that is being worked on to ensure that you feel no pain. For your safety, you will need to have someone drive you to and from the office if you choose oral conscious sedation. 

Don't wait any longer to have necessary dental work performed because you are nervous. Ask our dentist about oral conscious sedation to see if it is right for you. 

IV Sedation 

Another option for easing anxiety when undergoing dental procedures is IV sedation. This type of sedation is very safe and easy and is recommended for moderate to severe anxiety. The medication is administered right into your bloodstream, and it works quickly and effectively. You will feel relaxed during your procedure and might not remember part or all of it afterward. 

IV sedation makes long or complex procedures seem shorter, allowing you to have all of your work done in a single visit in many cases. As an added precaution and to ensure you do not feel any pain, a local anesthetic will also be administered in the area that is being worked on. The benefit of IV sedation is that the level of medication can be adjusted during your procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Your heart rate and breathing are monitored very closely while you are being medicated because your safety is our number one concern. 

Don’t wait any longer to have necessary dental work performed because you are nervous. Ask our dentist about IV sedation to see if it is right for you. 


Anxiolysis is a form of oral sedation using a light sedative, such as valium. It is not as strong as oral conscious sedation, so it is recommended for those with mild to moderate anxiety. You will remain conscious for the procedure, but any tension and anxiety will fade away. You will be able to talk and breathe on your own during the procedure as well. What can be a nerve-racking experience for some is morphed into a relaxing experience. 

After the procedure, you will even be able to drive yourself home since anxiolysis uses a light sedative. If you have been fretting about having dental work done, call us to learn about our anxiety-free options for dentistry. 

Nitrous Oxide 

Nitrous oxide, known to many as laughing gas, is the most commonly used form of sedation in dentistry. It is administered by having the patient inhale the gas, which is carefully monitored by our doctor. You will fall into a euphoric state and feel completely relaxed. All feelings of fear and anxiety fade away, leaving you to sit back peacefully while your dental procedure is performed. In most cases, all dental work can be completed in one visit while you are sedated. 

Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe and effective. Once the procedure is over, the nitrous oxide will wear off fairly quickly, and you will probably be able to drive yourself home and return to your daily activities. 

You will need to have a preliminary visit with our dentist to make sure that you are an eligible candidate for nitrous sedation. If you have been worried about your next dental visit, it’s time to stop! Ask us about sedation dentistry and schedule your appointment today.

If you have anxiety or fear about going to the dentist, you are a candidate for sedation dentistry. If you have a fear of pain, have had a traumatic dental experience in the past, or the sounds and smells of a dental office make you nauseous, sedation dentistry can help you get over your anxiety.

Some people have physical reasons, like a bad gag reflex or very sensitive teeth, which make them candidates for sedation dentistry as well. If you are not sure if you are a candidate, ask our dentist.

No, but you will be in a deep state of relaxation during your treatment. You will still be able to breathe on your own and communicate, but you will not feel any pain or anxiety. You may not even remember the procedure afterward.

Sedation can last from about 2-6 hours depending on the strength of the sedative you are given and how long your procedure takes.

Yes, at all times during your sedation someone will be with you. We also monitor your vitals to make sure they remain at a normal level. Safety is of the utmost importance to us.

No. You will feel a little groggy and "out of it" after some forms of sedation, but after a few hours, you will feel like yourself again. You will need to have someone drive you home from your appointment in these cases.

Just about any procedure can be performed with sedation. The sedation is not for the procedure itself, but for the anxiety that accompanies the procedure. Ask our dentist if sedation is available for a particular procedure.

In most cases, it only takes two appointments. The first appointment will be a consultation to check your health history and make sure you are a candidate for sedation. The next appointment will be to perform the necessary procedures. This can usually be done in one appointment but may require a follow-up visit.

In most cases, sedation will not be covered by your insurance provider. We will review your insurance coverage and let you know if it is covered or not. If it is not covered, we will let you know the cost and, if necessary, we can put together a financing plan for you.


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